Friday, November 30, 2007

My Grinch name

Wretchedgrump Crustypants

Thanks, Liza Lee ;)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I took the four kimonos that I had finished to the end of school and had some of the taller girls try them on. Well, and some of the shorter girls and some of the medium girls. Once they were there, it was about girls and clothes. Anyway, I counted 5 girls who could benefit from having me put in as small a hem as possible. We can adjust it shorter when we tie it, but we can't adjust it longer.

I have now finished all but three of the kimonos. They're sort of a weird lavender.

I have also done the satin stitching around a bunch of the quilt appliqués. I used the thread they gave me to sew the kimonos as the bobbin thread. No, I'm not being annoying and stealing the school thread; I tried to wind bobbins with as little as necessary of the odd shades of pink, but had a bunch left over and needed a bobbin for the off-purple ones, so have been merrily changing the top thread to what I want for the quilt. It seems to be going a lot faster this time around. Maybe because I haven't been choosing fabrics, tracing them, cutting them out, ironing them on, and otherwise staring at them for days on end. More importantly, I am just finishing up my own quilt instead of trying to do all the satin stitching for my 25 squares AND for the 25 for a friend. She got the quilt on Jan 1st, so it was late for Hanukkah and Xmas last year, but waaaaaaayyy early for this year, even with Hanukkah coming so early.

When I get a chance, I'll find the pictures of the ones for her last year and then post one when I finish mine. They're, um, eclectic.

Oh, and I got home to a phone message from the sewing machine repairman, who said there's nothing wrong with my machine. Which of course explains why I wasted an hour yesterday with it missing stitches and breaking the thread?

Good news/bad news on sewing to-do items

I gave up on my awful sewing machine. Well, not totally, but I took it back to the repair guy who will take a look at it.

I bought a cheap Janome from work. It's the next step up from the Sew Mini and is slightly more substantial. I'm hoping DS1 will learn to sew on it. I'm going to have someone else teach him, because I tend to lose my cool.

So the binding is all sewn on the 13 kimonos and I have hemmed the arms and skirt of a few of them. There is a huge difference in height in the girls in the class, so want to take the ones I have finished with and get the tallest and shortest girls to try them on and take a guess at lengths on a few of the others. They can bunch them up at the waist when it comes to wearing them (it will be covered by a wide Obi), but some of these girls are seriously small and others are taller than DS1, who is one of the tallest boys in the class. I made DS1 try one on last night and he was about to jump out of his skin. It's PIIIIIIIINK! Anyway, the 2 or 3 inches I've been hemming them up make it too short on him, so I need a quick head count and approx length for the tall girls. Having been a tall girl myself, I'm a bit sensitive on the issue of running around in highwater one-size-fits-all.

I just got my Xmas quilt that I started last year out. Good news is that I finished the cutting out and ironing on all the appliqué blocks. Bad news is that I have sewed around the pictures on only 8 of them - candy canes are all done and they're the easiest - and there are 25 total. They're all pretty wrinkled, too, but I can deal with that. Not necessarily by ironing, but by working around it (ducks head in shame).

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just a couple of months later...

Yeah, that's really small, but believe me, you still can't see much when they're big.

To-do list item

Trash stupid freaking sewing machine and get a new one.

How many times should the timing go out and skip stitches, break threads, and finally completely jam up? At $50 per fix? And then the repair guy gets mad at me because I am obviously mistreating the stupid thing, making it break down? So between the last 2 times, I ended up readjusting the timing by myself and went to a different repair guy, who was nicer about it.

But it's only been a few months since it was in the shop and I haven't even used it all that much.

Starting the to-do list

Lots of things to do today / this week.

1) Sew edging/binding on about 12 pink kimonos and hem them. DS1's class is representing Japan for International Night next week. The teacher's mom got the fabric (free!) and cut them all out and sewed them together (she even basted on the binding!), etc, so it's just the finishing that has to be done. I got the kimonos, another mom got the Happi coats for the boys and another got the Obis to finish. I'm easily amused, but it still strikes me as funny that the teacher's mom did all of it. It's never too late to have your mom help with your school projects.

2) Clean sinks in bathrooms. I did the toilets yesterday and just didn't get to anything else.

3) Sit down and finish my rough draft. I got 50K words down, but I'm not done with the story. Close, though, so no illusions of having a 1000 page novel ;)

4) Back on the sewing front, I need to pull out the Xmas quilt I started last year and determine what still needs to be done. It's all applique and I ran out of time to satin stitch around the pictures last year, so there it is in a box.

5) Think about Xmas tree. We might get it this weekend. For the last few years, I've gotten a small, live tree. I'd like something a bit bigger this year. Just because.

6) Pass out when consider that I'll have to clean up my sewing area, which is one end of our front room, so I can put said tree in there. And wash the big front window. And.... OK, so this is why I just think about the tree, get it? Let me just get through the stack of kimonos first.

Monday, November 26, 2007

My NaNoWriMo icon

Just trying to figure out how to get it into my layout without linking to the page, which they ask you not to do.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I win! I win! DONE!

I hit 50K words this evening somewhere before 9 pm. I had 50,400+ when I thought to do the word count again.

And now it's time for bed. I wrote for almost 1000 words after that, but stopped in the middle of an important scene because the characters started chatting about their childhoods, so I knew I was done for the night.

So wooooooo and yayyyyyyy me! :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ribbit ribbit crooooak

Woke up late with headache and itchy throat and stuffy nose. Didn't notice until the kids got up long after that my voice is practically basso profundo with a definite rasp. I have to go to work in a couple of hours, so this could be interesting for being chatty and helpful, which are already a stretch at times for an introvert.

Supposed to be doing a one hour writing sprint. Kids just started playing Putt-Putt Balloon-O-Rama and it tends to get noisy.

I actually prefer the other Putt-Putt games, along with the Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam and Spy Fox. They're adventure games for kids where you have to find certain things, which often means finding something seemingly unrelated and trading it for what you do need. Kind of a cartoon visual dungeons and dragons/MUD with happy, cheerful characters. For kids.

So there's my Christmas recommendation for anyone with kids between oh, about 4 and 7 or 8 and a computer.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Officially Christmas season

I worked from 7:30 to about 12:15 today. They ended up sending me to lunch and telling me to not come back because we hit a big lull. I'm pretty wiped out by getting up and being out of the house by the time I usually get up on school days, plus this cold that I got from the kids has moved into my throat. DS2 was right; blowing my nose doesn't make much difference to the cough. He always says that and proceeds to wipe his nose on his clothes, so I don't usually believe him.

Anyway, they switched the music from oldies to Xmas at work. Unfortunately, there are only so many Christmas/Winter songs, so we get to hear Little Drummer Boy about once an hour, each time by a different artist in a different arrangement. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last year, they had a channel on the muzak that would play regular music about 3 out of 4 songs and the Christmas ones for the 4th, but I am no longer a supervisor so no longer have a key to the office, so I just have to hope that someone goes looking for it.

And I got some more fabric. Because I neeeeeeeeded more, that's why. Fun fun prints that I'm sure I will use someday and they were all 50% off. Well, one of them was 75% off and the flannel was 99 cents a yard.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Oh yeah. Writing.

Didn't do any yesterday. 1500+ words this morning. I woke up at 5 and couldn't get back to sleep, so got up at 6:30 and wrote a nice, long scene while eating breakfast and drinking some tea. If I were more of a morning person, I'd do that more often. hahahahahahahah.

Then I got the turkey ready and in the oven and made stuffing and so on. And on and on. OK. I'm full. But it's been almost an hour since we finished eating and DS2 was dying for pie. He was dying for candy as soon as we finished eating in spite of the two pieces of turkey, a nice pile of potatoes, and a piece of broccoli (under duress), so he was really interested in sugar.

And I have weird kids. They don't really like whipped cream. Huh?

Right maybe I'll write a bit more. Maybe I'll take a nap now. Nap is winning.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your shopping tomorrow. Or, if you're like me, then hole up at home and avoid going to any store for any reason. Well, that's my usual MO. I'm going to work tomorrow morning. Hancock's opens at 8, so we're not even the earliest of the early birds. Come by and say hi. We'll have about 5 seconds to chat. So maybe not.

Time to get to work on that Xmas quilt....

Six socks and thithle theed thock

Instead of just going all batsh*t crazy on my kids about cleaning up, I got down with them and was bossy and obnoxious and helped them clean out the toy box. It's amazing what a grocery bag and two shoeboxes worth of garbage and recycling and odd happy meal toys of characters that they have never heard of can do, when taken out and disposed of properly. We parked the trucks under the new toy shelf instead of in a heap in the corner and amazing! The toys fit in the toybox again. We have the blocks in a bag, the legos in a box, the little matchbox cars in a bag on a shelf above the big trucks. I still haven't swept. There's still stuff under the couch and under the TV/book shelf thingy. But I can see the floor.

The six socks? We found them in the toy box. There was only one pair and four strays. Good thing I keep the strays and buy big packs of white socks for my kids. I almost threw out the other navy blue one a couple of weeks ago, but here's its mate after several months.

Oh, and a few days ago, DS2 was looking out the window and said 'Hey Mommy. Look! It's your birdfeeder thing." And sure enough, there was my thithtle theed thock dangling
between the rose bush and the window. I dug it out and filled it and am waiting for the poor finches to rediscover it. That is, if any of them didn't fly South already. I got all ambitious and cleaned out my other birdfeeder and filled it with sunflower seeds, since the birds barely touched the other seed I put in, but loooove that sunflower seed.

Word for the day


It's what my vagues attempts at muscles have turned into in the last few months. Not that my mushles every really amounted to much....

I was talking to a dad at karate. He's had to drop the classes too, not due to pregnancy (ha!), but because his schedule and his wife's schedule have made it too hard to get there. He got himself a Wavemaster and goes out in the garage and whacks it around everyday. I already got my Xmas present from DH, so I guess this will have to be for my birthday. By that time, I hope to be back in karate. But hey, I can't be there everyday, even when I make it to class a couple times a week....

Or a Bob. That would be fine, too. *cackle*

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Marathon weekend update

Well, I spent a lot of time agonizing over what was happening with my characters, who are going through a rough patch. The writing was slow and hard, so I ended up playing a LOT of spider solitaire on my new computer. I am winning about 20% of the time on the medium level.

But anyway, I got back to business a few times, including at nearly 10 tonight when I realized that I was pretty much done with Act II and was ready for some major turning points. I decided to write the train wreck scene and have written 4008 words today to add onto the 4100+ I did yesterday (I exaggerated when I reported it this morning because I didn't look it up) .

The two day total is 8169 words.

Time to sleep.

Marathon weekend

Well, to be honest, I didn't spend all that much time writing yesterday. I spent a few hours with as well.

But well, not spending all that much time meant about 4 or 5 hours and I did 4,600+ words. I have no ideas how the others in my group are reacting to the challenge, but I'm happy with it. I hope to do more or less the same today and then I will be almost 40K words and 12 days to write the last 12K. It's feasible, even with working a couple of days after Thanksgiving.

And I opened up ancestry, just to see what I had done yesterday and now I'm trying to figure out when G. Shoenberger/Schonberger/whatever arrived. I think I've got him....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Baby socks! Baby shoes!

Now, I have to state that I'm not generally the person who goes all girly and squealy and simper-y when it comes to babies and small animals. I love my babies. I love them bigger, too, which though it has its own drawbacks, is so much easier on my head. Most of the time.

However, I have a big weakness where babies are concerned. My secret awwwwww thing is baby socks. They're so little! So cute! So tiny for those itty, bitty, sweet little toes that make you go um-yum-yum... Gag. OK, deep breath.

Anyway, there is an alterations shop two doors up from a Starbucks that I go to every now and then after taking the kids to school. In its windows, I have been admiring, drooling over, and otherwise coveting the baby socks that they have stuffed and hanging there. These are probably the cutest baby socks I have seen. So now that I know we're having a girl, it popped into my mind the other day that I should drop by there.

So here's what I got: Since it was in a shop, I actually did a mix to get to six pairs, while it looks like you have to get a box of six of the same if you shop online. Let me tell you, it was really, really hard. I was only limited because they're pretty expensive for, well, just socks. I got a couple colors of the B-Jolie ones,

at least one Via Bella, ummm... not sure what else. It was really hard to choose, and I kept picking them up and putting them back.

I got a pair of these too. I have already posted the link to the Cherry email group. They know who they are! They had a lot more in the shop than they have on the website. It's a local company that does these shoes and socks, but the store I was in had lots of other fun socks for kids and grownups.

And now I have some super ultra cutie baby socks and shoesy-woosy to put on wittle baby feets!

Someone stop me now.

Christmas comes early!

DH was out a conference all day and came home just as we were sitting down to dinner. I wasn't even sure he was coming home at all tonight, since he was pretty vague about it all. Anyway, I tossed a few more chicken strips in the frying pan so we all could eat.

But before that, he called me out to the garage to make me look in the trunk. He got me a laptop! A brand spankin' new one! I just wanted something smallish and cheapish, but this one has some bells and whistles that I might never use. Scratch that: I WILL never use. AND I can watch TV on it - it has an antenna that plugs in.

So Christmas is already here at our house. But I can't actually do anything at all on it until it's had a few hours on the Internet, downloading updates and DH installs the freeware Office software. Which makes it DH's job for the moment.

The whole idea, though, is that I can play games on it and watch TV when I have the baby and am lounging in bed all day. Oh, wait. I am supposed to be writing novels on it. That, too. No more dinky notepad and typing it in later. I am techno-woman, hear me roar!

Until I actually have to, y'know, plug it into the Internet or get new software or move my writing from it to another computer. Then I need DH.

Thank you, Santa :)

Friday, November 16, 2007


Had an email this morning

I posted a note on one of ancestry. com's message boards in a thread about one of my ancestors and someone emailed me, saying she had a whole lot more. In her message before that, she mentioned that the brothers she knew about apparently had a brother named Henry who moved somewhere else and Henry is the one who's my ggg-(g?)-father, so I am going to have some new descendants for her, though she'll have all the ancestors for me.

So, of course, I piddled around on ancestry for a bit. I'm wondering if JJ Schell and Rosina Ankeny really didn't have kids until she was 40 or if there are various misspellings in the last name in some of the census years, since we're missing a few decades of those, then suddenly 3 kids in stair steps, though they had been married for almost 20 years before the first one I have found came along. But then, her daughter didn't get married until 38 and had my grandmother Shepardson when she was 40. And my dad was in his mid-30's. And my brother is 40 and just got married, no kids in view as far as I know.

And here I am having my third baby at 38 and thinking I am old.

And yes, I am going to do some writing, Mom, when I get some coffee in me.

ETA: Just about 2 more minutes on ancestry and bingo! Loads of kids. Never mind the Schell complaint, 'kay?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Writing again

Did 2K+ today. Or rather, the vast majority of that was typing up what I wrote out in my notebook last night, so I have only done a few new words today, I guess. So I really should do 2K for today, too. Or at least 1200 or so, so it'll come out to about 1200 per day for the last 3 days. Though, by my calculations, it's going to take about 1400 words per day from here until the end of the month. Eeep!

Not much happening in the novel. Lots of kissy kissy, but plot, not so much.

ETA: About 1600 more words, but it feels like pulling teeth with the kids shouting and fighting all around me (because they can't play quietly in another room, now can they? It has to be right in the small office and at top volume.) So I got started with the stuff where the hero's snooty mom shows up. I'm trying to drive the heroine away from him for all the wrong reasons.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Deviation from the plan....

Well, halfway through NaNo (in words and days), and after a conversation with a coworker about genealogy and an offer from her to find Otto's boat (which she did! His/our last name was misspelled, but it sure looks like him! In 1868, when we thought it was a couple of years later.), and I have spent my computer time for the last two days on

Also found George J Shepardson's Civil War record (Captain in the Illinois 4th Cavalry) and a bit more about his second wife, though not narrowed down as to when they married - sometime between 1880 and 1900.

Note to my family: what was the name of his 1st wife's 2nd husband?

ETA: Another question: What's George J's second wife's maiden name? Iva O. is all I have.

Anyway, I am following the Shepardsons back and back. Am now related to the Plantagenet kings and some guy named Wala de Bobbio who lived in the 8th or 9th century. Duuuuuude. Loads of French royalty, some English royalty, a few Polish and Hungarian and Spanish royals.

Look! Look! A Holy Roman Emperor! Louis I, 778-818!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


After not writing Thursday through Sunday, I took the Veteran's Day challenge and wrote for about 5 1/2 hours yesterday and got in 6200+ words. So now I have arrived at 26K words and have passed the halfway point.

I didn't win my group challenge. I stopped writing a bit after 9, meaning to go back to it after the kids were in bed, and then I fell asleep with them and woke up at 4 am. I don't know if I had any words left in me by that point, anyway. Someone else wrote for 7 hours and did over 7000 words. Woah!

OK, just got back from chiro's and have to go back to the kids' school to deliver DS2's lunch (very sleepy boy this morning) and see if they are doing spelling tests today, which I am assuming they are, but who knows, really.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Schedule (and the schedule)

I only learned of this a few days ago and it came up over the weekend on the field trip.

Apparently, my little second grader is quite the ladies' man. Mondays at recess, he chases D. , a girl also in second grade who was in his class last year. Tuesday through Thursday, he chases a rotation of 4 or 5 other girls. Fridays, he chases M., his One True Love from his class last year.


Today the kids are home from school, but I am trying to pull off a ton of NaNoWriMo-ing. There's a challenge for most words and most time on my email NaNo group, but I also hadn't typed anything (and barely had written anything except sketches and scene ideas and a little dialogue) since last Wednesday. They are at a friend's house until about noon, then we're going to eat fast food and play on the indoor play structure (Grey day) and maybe go do mini golf after. So there goes the afternoon. I've done/typed in about 2K in less than 2 hours. (2 hours minus the time it took to drive them to the friend's and throw the ball a few dozen time for their hyper dog.)

I have about 15 minutes now and should do something constructive.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Monterey pictures - part deux

We went running around on the Old Fisherman's Wharf for quite a while after the whale watching. All my guys were getting their stomachs back before we hit the road home.

A big male sea lion defending his spot from the usurpers lined up along the left (mostly out of view - I couldn't get a good angle) and a couple more in the water.

Closer shot of the macho dude. I didn't get a picture of him later, napping with his head dangling off the steps. Looked way comfortable. So worth the time and effort to defend it.

Pelicans, pelicans everywhere!

DS1 got hungry again. At least his face was...

Wandering the docks.

Some people were back from a charter fishing trip. The guy in yellow was filleting the fish for them. Yum! Fish guts! DS1's friend, M, was helping the guy toss the heads/bones/guts off the side of the dock for the gulls and pelicans. We kept seeing a cloudy shadow rise up from the depths and grab the stuff if the birds weren't quick enough about getting chunks from it. I think it was a harbor seal because it was light colored, but I never got a good look.

Playing in the courtyard at the Maritime Museum across from the docks.

On the way home, we stopped at the visitor's center for a reservoir along route 156, just on the East side of the mountains. Don't ask me for details as I was a bit zoned and, um, desperate, but the sun was setting.

Monterey pictures

Our hotel - the Blue Lagoon. It was small and slightly shabby, but clean and dry and warm. Mostly quiet. It was out kids disturbing the peace, except for Saturday morning when the neighbors started their motorcycles...

Calvin's current love - Junie B. Jones

Looky the belly.

In the Bay Aquarium - exhibit with a huge "wave" that crashes over every 30-ish seconds, eliciting screams and excitement from kids underneath. Outdoors, you can see the animals, etc in the tide pool better, as they get sloshed around.

Marine mammal hands-on exhibit. We spent ages there. This is a killer whale catching fish.

The beginning of our whale watching trip - passing the breakwater with sea lions and cormorants.

DS1 before the pukage.

DS2 has always been our Water Boy. The ocean is HIS. And no, he wouldn't turn around.

There was a whale down there - they thought it was coming up on the left side (ummm.... port?) of the boat and here came a big plume of bubbles. Then s/he messed with us and went back to surface on the other side anyway.

I missed the first surfacing, but here s/he is again, a little further from the boat.

Halloween pics - just a bit slow!

Right. Samurai and Ninja with a skull cape. I made the samurai armor. Yay me! And the cape, but that's a bit easier.

That's DS1's padded weapon from karate class, standing in for a sword :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Back again!

From Monterey. Wonderful stuff this weekend. Aquarium AND whale watching. Boat full of kids and parents and I only saw one kid throwing up and heard rumors of another one. Unfortunately the one who tossed his banana and french toast was MY kid and he didn't make it to the back of the boat and didn't even quite make it to the side. Good thing he had taken a couple of layers off because he got too warm, so we still had non-puked clothes to change into.

But in happier news, we did see a whale or two. The lady who talked loudly and incessantly over the loudspeakers the ENTIRE time didn't actually tell us what sort of whale they were. I managed a couple of pictures, even with the stupid, stinking digital camera lag.

And yesterday, we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Fabulous! So much stuff to do and see. Someday I will have to go without the kids so I can concentrate on the things I like best and then leave when I am ready to go...

OK. Way past time for bed!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Yep, I broke 20K words today. I only turned in a bit under 3K for the challenge because my muse got tired and we both took a long nap yesterday, so got my socks beat off by a couple of other people.

We're about to go away for a couple of days and I will probably have to work most of the day after we get back, so I might get some writing done longhand but I am making myself type everything in before counting the words.

But all I can say is: I rock!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A third of the way there!

Just typed up the stuff that I wrote last night in bed and have hit 17,000 + words and am more than a third of the way to 50K words.

I've got my hero and heroine together so I guess that's the end of Act I, but the road to romance looks rocky. About time for that relationship fight ;) I still need to go back and put in a scene right before they get together.

There's also a commuter train crash coming up soon and a note the guy's cousin slips under her door, which might or might not be too saucy for the guy to laugh at.

I need a break, then will dive back in at noon. A smaller email NaNo group I have joined has a challenge from noon today until noon tomorrow, to see who can write the most words in 24 hours.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Blame it on the burrito

On the way home from helping in DS1's class, I bought a burrito for lunch. I ate it while typing after my last update and managed to drag out about 1000 words, then went and lay down for just a minute..... and woke up at 3:25 with a raging case of nausea.

Unfortunately, I am supposed to be at the school to get the kids at 3 - that's when DS1 gets out and DS2 is in the aftercare from the end of Kindergarten at 2 until I get him. So I got my groggy, nap-filled head and roiling tummy on the road (definitely not the most alert, safest state for me to be in while driving) and got there to find both kids in aftercare, DS1 having just arrived from his class via the school office.

When I got home, head still spinning slightly and my stomach seizing up, there were 2 messages on the machine, one from DS1's teacher and another from DH, whom she called after trying to reach me. The phone started ringing and it was DH again. 5 minutes later, it rang again and it was the school office checking up, since DS1's teacher had been pretty worried, since I have never been that late before. Well, hadn't been this year. *blush*

So the kids didn't go to karate today because we were late and because I needed to lie down and not think about vomiting.

Oh, and I need to pay for this month's aftercare for DS2 and I'm broke. :/

ETA: I just remembered that I got Paypal from a friend in England that I mailed some stuff to (the company she was buying from wants to send everything UPS, even though it costs more than twice as much as US postal, so it ends up a lot cheaper for her to have them send it to me and then I mail it to her). So that can go into my bank account and cover aftercare and my car insurance until I get "paid" (funds transferred from DH) on the 15th.

Today I have written... um....some

It's in pencil in a notebook and it's basically all character exploration. I'm trying to understand my main character, but she's stand-offish at the best of times and doesn't confide in people easily. Not even me, apparently.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Only 1300-ish words today

Spent most of the day at work and then had to walk home (DH took DS2 to a birthday party and DS1 to a park, so they had the car.)

Everything I wrote today was back story monologue and some of it I already had somewhere else.

I still don't know much about my heroine. The hero has a lot more point-of-view scenes and I know a lot about his life. She, on the other hand, is really reserved and I'm having a hard time getting a handle on her. I have a feeling she's going to explode one of these days, though. I thought of some stuff as I was finishing up and DH was telling me the spaghetti was cooked, but it will have to wait for tomorrow.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

11,628 words

They're not going to have that fight. The pregnant wife of the friend just gave her something to think about. They can have the fight in the car or when they get back to the apartment building. Or maybe tomorrow.

Baby names

Am currently sitting here messing with

You choose names you like, put 6 of them in your "inspiration" field and let the computer find other names that you might like. I have about 40 in my "favorites" list and I'm nowhere near closer to finding anything that really grabs me. Well, maybe 10 of those, then weed out the ones in the top 10 or 20....

Helene, Amelie, Claudia, Aurora, Carina... and on and on.

Now, to get DH to take a look.

10,500 words

And I'm going to try to write some more later today.

Dragging through a scene in a restaurant with a group of people and the hero and heroine are about to get in a relationship fight, even though they're not in a relationship. I'm just having trouble getting them mad enough.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

6774 words! In one day!

brain is fried

Maybe I'll win a prize for the quickest off the blocks. Who then never finishes the 50K words.

Kids at top of obnoxiousness game. Must go.

NoNo started

3800 words so far. Woot! Have three characters. Neurotic heroine (always dates the wrong guys), nice guy next door, nice guy's cousin (also next door). No plot yet. She just kneed some guy who tried to manhandle her in the 'nads. You go, girl.

edited: I mean, she kneed him when he tried to manhandle her. And I call myself a (amateur) writer?