Thursday, December 31, 2009

pet peeve misspellings

Ah yes. Time for some people to make resolutions regarding spelling.

(and yeah, I sometimes have trouble with affect and effect...)

Via Neatorama.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The coneheads are from ... uh... France, right? (pictures)

THIS is a bakugan.

awww baby dolly (that's the one who's head is already ripping off. It now has a duct tape neck brace)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas came just the same!

Oooh. I missed one. Here's a typical, traditional Christmas sort of thing: half-dressed toddler eating raisin bran straight from the box.

me and my 3 chins

DD after a bath. she's turning out to be a bit of a nudist, like ds2...

Gingerbread people

ds2's frosted shirt

dd's frosted shirt (she's eating choc chips that were meant to decorate with)

ds1's clean shirt

Xmas eve, before all the gifts were out

silly kids - big ones in new PJs (and dd's shirt says, "Self-rescuing princess." Thank you David and Katie!)

ds1's PJ's

cinnamon rolls going fast

kids opening presents

a new doll

ds2 with his loot

Saturday, December 19, 2009

spoons and Christmas stuff

I was showing my kids how to hang spoons from their nose after dinner. Made me think of a certain high school friend who could hang one each from nose, chin, and each cheekbone. I hope I have a pic of that somewhere....

I was tempted to pick a kid and take him out shopping for his brother today, but stopped myself before doing something horribly stupid like going to Toys ya Us on the Saturday before Xmas.

I need to send a package to Ohio and one to Louisiana. The one to Ohio should be going Monday. The one to Louisiana needs a bit more in it...

Hey Mom, there are 2 packages from amazon coming your way for Dad and Chen. Well, one says it has shipped, but the other hasn't and I don't know why they weren't shipped together, but am guessing they're from 2 different warehouses. I was too cheap to have amazon wrap them. I am so not good with the whole presentation thing.

And shoving DH out the door with boys to force them to get me presents. Yeah, I am a tad greedy, but find Xmas depressing if no one I actually live with gets me anything.

Oh, and a Secret Santa gift for me arrived in the mail today. Woot!

And then I think we're all set. Some cookie baking to do this week and loads and loads of wrapping.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Right. Those Monterey day 2 photos I owe.

boys being eaten by giant mollusk. (wait, these are still day 1)

day 2 - we went out driving and stopped togo down to play in the sand and waves. after a bit, some other kids from our school showed up. they were holding back the tide as it rolled in. I'm sure if we had stayed a few more hours, they would even have succeeded!

these are eucalyptus trees where there were allegedly flocks and flocks of monarch butterflies. we saw a few. none of my photos came out.

Point, um, somethingorother lighthouse

Xmas tree :)

Super girl!

Christmas party!

More and more pictures

DS1's class trip to Sutter's Fort

DS1 waiting for the wagons. Nice frock coat, eh?

Here's a shot of the waistcoat. And of a kid from his class.


The porta-potty across from our house, set up for the people digging big holes to turn off our water and install water meters. Nice view!

DS2's snow ball from the day it snowed.

Front yard.

yeah yeah, so I still owe pictures from Monterey....

But these aren't from Monterey.

She has taken to getting her own breakfast...

DS2 wrote a story.

very sweet :)

Very, um.... sweet?


The boys went to a ninja day camp at DS1's karate school during the week before Thanksgiving. They got suction cup ninja throwing stars.

Ninja girl ready for action!