Wednesday, July 21, 2010

DD in socks and sandals (and pretty sundress Granny made for her!)

new curtains in my bedroom! No, the 2nd from left is not exactly the same color as the others.

I figured I'd better post a picture of the other pretty sundress, too.

Sleepy time. Where's my spot? On the floor, apparently. Or squished in by DH, but with my legs in the bottom right corner.

DD can get the freezer open. It's a real fun time when she wants "wikeeeeen" (ice cream) and gets it open and starts to climb up the shelves. Since I took this, she has worked out how to get the fridge door open, too (it's bigger and harder to open)

DS1's half birthday cupcakes (totally forgot to take a pic of DS2's birthday cake! Oops!)

"watch a mooobie" says DD.

erector set: her first creation

erector set: the stink eye...

DD's haircut a few weeks ago

no, I'm not really updating my blog much these days

So... Since July 3rd, what have we done?

Well, July 4th, for one thing. We did the neighborhood parade. DS1 helped carry the banner out front then helped hand out popsicles, DS2 helped put out water and lemonade for thirsty paraders.

We went to a friend's house for a potluck barbecue, but went to Folsom for the big rodeo fireworks instead of staying and watching them shoot off little safe and sane ones (We don't want safe! Who cares about sanity?). Considering the parking a mile away and walking up and waiting around, it was still worth it. Next year, I'm thinking we'll do the ones at the Sunrise Mall.

Then we did... um....

We went to see Toy Story 3, which was really good, even though it felt a bit disorganized. We had the medium-sized bag o' popcorn for 4 of us (3 kids and me) and it was HUGE, but we still ate almost all of it.

We might be going to see a movie with friends tomorrow. We keep sending emails and missing each other. I left a voice mail earlier today, but I don't think she has called back.

We're doing swimming lessons now and the last one is tomorrow. I can see from quick glances at the boys that they're really improving, DS1 especially. DS2 is much better, but he almost rolls onto his back for every breath. At least he's doing it to the side instead of to the front and stopping completely.

DD and I are in the baby and toddler class and she doesn't like doing the stuff she's asked to do. She blew bubbles the first couple of days, but didn't do it again until today. Some days, she'll lie on her back, some days she'll kick, one day, she even scooped with her arms a bit. But we're having fun :)

Otherwise, not much going on. DS2 refusing to read, DS1 reading anything he can get his hands on. No one practicing math facts. I'm not a good mom, am I? Only a month left of summer!

I should go download the pictures from my camera. I think there are some good ones on there.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Friday, July 2, 2010

Writing? What writing?

having a really bad week writing-wise.

Got a critique back and the critiquer totally pulled it apart. She was probably right about most of what she said, which is why it really sucks.

I can't seem to get last week's work together in my online class (and had a comment from the teacher that the story should start where I had my 1st turning point, so maybe I'm ditching the first 30% of the book?), much less started to work on the middle part, which was this week's assignment.And I haven't even written the end yet, so it's going to be the world's shortest book at this rate.

And any new writing has totally stalled out.

Plus, the toddler's nap schedule is all over the place and the boys are always wandering in here.

And my laptop still sucks.