Saturday, March 5, 2011

going crazy on the pictures

DH took the toddler to the Vernal Pools, searching for tadpoles

It was their next outing to the stables that she really loved:

Random pic of her after she bumped her head:

Birthday pictures:

DS1 owning the fun of playing with the Barbie vet set with DD. DS2 went and hid after I took a pic of him with it. Blackmail potential, you know.

Granny sent this box:

uhhh..... (that's not what was in it, though)

that time of year again

The male turkeys get so busy showing off that they wander out into the street and don't want to get out of the way of cars.

I also don't see them eating much in our yard. I guess eating isn't cool. They hang around across the street while the females eat, though.

Notice their handsome, sky blue heads. Freaky, eh?

Also a good one here from last year:

And DD, who crawled on her belly, chasing them a couple of years ago: