Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas came just the same!

Oooh. I missed one. Here's a typical, traditional Christmas sort of thing: half-dressed toddler eating raisin bran straight from the box.

me and my 3 chins

DD after a bath. she's turning out to be a bit of a nudist, like ds2...

Gingerbread people

ds2's frosted shirt

dd's frosted shirt (she's eating choc chips that were meant to decorate with)

ds1's clean shirt

Xmas eve, before all the gifts were out

silly kids - big ones in new PJs (and dd's shirt says, "Self-rescuing princess." Thank you David and Katie!)

ds1's PJ's

cinnamon rolls going fast

kids opening presents

a new doll

ds2 with his loot

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