Sunday, November 11, 2007

Monterey pictures

Our hotel - the Blue Lagoon. It was small and slightly shabby, but clean and dry and warm. Mostly quiet. It was out kids disturbing the peace, except for Saturday morning when the neighbors started their motorcycles...

Calvin's current love - Junie B. Jones

Looky the belly.

In the Bay Aquarium - exhibit with a huge "wave" that crashes over every 30-ish seconds, eliciting screams and excitement from kids underneath. Outdoors, you can see the animals, etc in the tide pool better, as they get sloshed around.

Marine mammal hands-on exhibit. We spent ages there. This is a killer whale catching fish.

The beginning of our whale watching trip - passing the breakwater with sea lions and cormorants.

DS1 before the pukage.

DS2 has always been our Water Boy. The ocean is HIS. And no, he wouldn't turn around.

There was a whale down there - they thought it was coming up on the left side (ummm.... port?) of the boat and here came a big plume of bubbles. Then s/he messed with us and went back to surface on the other side anyway.

I missed the first surfacing, but here s/he is again, a little further from the boat.

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