Friday, March 13, 2009

I finished my book (again)

I was re-reading and editing my NaNo book and realized that I was nowhere close to being really done with tying up all the plot points, so I wrote a few more chapters and finally feel like I'm at the end now - finished today!

Lots of editing yet to be done and adding to stuff and deleting other stuff, but I feel more like it's getting somewhere. I started reading through it again, too, and cut out some big chunks of useless stuff.

I really need to make some notes for myself on themes that need to be worked out better in different places.

Karate belt promotion tonight. I'm going to be a blue belt, which is the top of the intermediate class. Just 4 more months and I'll be a red belt and advanced! We're going to be gone for part of the next cycle, so I'm not sure DS1 will know the stuff well enough to promote to advanced red, but I think we'll ask for some private lessons over the next 2 weeks so he and I can learn his stuff so I can help him with it when we're gone. We might bring the sticks to Granny's house, which could be a good time....

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