Wednesday, February 18, 2009

they're doing tests

that's about all the update on my dad. They've scanned and poked and drawn half his blood and are going to do an MRI and who knows what else tomorrow and then all get together and talk about it. Oh, and they have him wearing a heart monitor for a day. His two incidences are months apart, so they might not find anything at all.

And DS2 is making me INSANE. He wouldn't get out of the car when DH took him to karate today after school and insist that I MADE him start doing karate again and he never said he wanted to and he never agreed to it and grump grump whine (and lie lie lie - or at least selective memory).

And now he's whining because he wants to play on a computer or watch a movie and I told him he had to wait until DS1 has finished his homework (DS2's class doesn't have it this week) and that he should read a book or something. I'm trying to cut him some slack because he hasn't been feeling well but, well, I don't feel that great either.

And now he announced that learning is NOT fun. He wants to be stupid his whole life (I just asked and he said yes).

Oh, and bestest buddy, with whom my boys spent several hours on Monday, has strep, so we just might be in for round two. And I shouldn't even admit this, but even after the full course with ds2 a few weeks ago, we have about half a bottle of antibiotics left in the fridge, so I guess we're ready.

And I just called him Spiderman because he's trying to climb up the door jamb. He thinks that's great. He had a Spiderman comic from the library last week and it's way exciting.

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