Saturday, February 21, 2009

All singing, all dancing, all sledding

Why is a simple idea such a big production?

DH announced yesterday that he was going to take the boys up to the snow today.

So I had to make the WindPro fleece pants I've been meaning to make them.

And find scarves, coats, hats, and make mittens.

And pack dry clothes for the way back.

And roust DH out of bed at almost 10 because if they're going to go, they really should do it during freaking daylight hours.

And wish the boys had boots.

And get out the wool socks and old shoes so they'll have something vaguely warmish for their feet.

And I called a friend to see if they had sleds or something.

And now her DH and son are going to go and they're going to drive. They've gone many times before, so it's probably a better idea anyway.

And my guys were almost ready to leave, but they'll have to wait a bit now.

So now we need to pack a lunch, because her DH doesn't like to spend extra money.

Though they'll probably stop for something hot on the way back.

Oh, and don't forget the remote control car thing that's supposed to run on snow that DS2 got with his Christmas money!

I'm guessing this will be easier as we do it more times.

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