Sunday, January 18, 2009

balloons and crunchy muscles

We had an extra balloon from DS1's birthday party (totally forgot to make sure the first two kids who left got balloons!) so it's the baby's. The boys have tucked the weight into the back of her pants, so she's crawling around with big smiley face floating 6 or so feet above her.

And I stood up and stretched and my belly hurts. I went to karate on Friday night and the man who is the instructor Fridays has made it "Fitness Friday". The last few times I had gone, there was a huge pack of 16 year old black belt boys with infinite energy and extra sass and I was collapsing and we never went over the curriculum stuff that I usually needed help with, so I was avoiding the Friday class. This time, there were lower belts and was mostly young women, though they were all still younger than me and had boundless energy. Anyway, we did do curriculum for this cycle, but we did lots of jogging and lots of 'crunchies' which is why I said to the boys that my crunchy muscles are sore.

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