Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crawling like a .... crawling, uh, thing and other random notes

As of yesterday, DD is finally making a few tentative "steps" at crawling on hands and knees instead of swimming on her belly. She is also starting to let go of the furniture for a second while standing, so it seems to be all happening at once. She started moving and sitting early, just not actual four-legged crawling.

She's driving us crazy too because she reached that point where she doesn't want to lie down for diaper changes. So poop is a bit dangerous these days. I remember a woman from a bulletin board I was on when DS1 was a baby who said that when she finished changin a diaper, she clapped her hands and threw them up like calf ropers at the rodeo.

And now my mom's on facebook. See, eventually everyone will be on facebook.

I've been reading today. I stayed up much too late last night reading Sherry Thomas' Delicious. Oh. My. Goodness. That woman can write. I liked this one better than Private Arrangements, though both held a lot of melancholy and pain. The ending wrapped up a little too fast for my tastes, but getting there was powerful.

It's authors like that that make me despair that I will ever be able to write at all well. It's like that story of a famous cellist whose student wasn't advancing and as the famous cellist was making mistakes and playing worse, the student suddenly started to play much better and work harder. The student was worn down by his teacher's perfection. I'll have to google that story and see if I can find it.

So my perfectionist soul wants to write the best novel EVER and I know I can't, so I am paralyzed.

In spite of that, my mind has been working on more scenes for my WIP (work in progress), so I need to sit down and rattle those out. There's an enormous section of what I already wrote where nothing happens that I will have to remove or at least cut down to a few pages of summary. At least I feel like I have enough distance to be able to study the whole structure a bit. I tend to get bogged down in details and am an expert at trivia, but the overall structure and big picture don't always work for me.

I have printed out invitations to DS2's birthday party on fancy paper and will take them to school. It's short notice, so we'll see how many kids we get. At least he decided he wanted a party and said who he wanted to invite. Now I need to arrange a cake!

DS2 has been lying more. In a way, DS1's social awkwardness has been a blessing because he's not good at lying. DS2 was lifting the baby up onto the couch yesterday and saying she climbed up and he was just helping her down. I caught him carrying her all the way down the hall and he tried to deny it. I have to keep closer watch on her, because I am worried that he will get even rougher with her.

Right, I need to get the baby up and changed and we're off to get the boysies. I had more random observations, but they have gone out of my brain anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Ya, your mom and facebook would be thanks to me. I mentioned it to her and she said she would have to have help setting it up, so I just did it. Although, she never got the conformation e-mail, so she just did it. So, I just it's not thanks to me, I just did the pushing!