Sunday, January 4, 2009

The black cupboard of doom

We have big, black, metal cupboard, the sort that they keep office supplies in in offices, not generally the type you have in your living room, though that's where ours is. It closes securely, if the kids can remember to turn the handle, so the art supplies, board games, and books are in there. I don't know exactly what is in there, because it's 5 or 6 sliding heaps of mess, one or more heaps per shelf.

I call it the Black Cupboard of Doom.

DS2 was just looking for his paints and I told him that they were either in his room or... "the black cuvvord of doooooom," he said and ran off to look.

Good lad.

(Am editing my NaNo book. All it took to get me working was a three-ring binder. Yes, I've been putting it off for over a month because I didn't have a print out and a place to put it. Lame.)

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