Saturday, January 31, 2009

Eight things

Jen R. tagged me, so here goes:

1) I don't like my kids pretending guns, but have pretty much given up banning them altogether. They make them out of legos and sticks and then they aren't supposed to point them at people. I mention this because I had to get them to change their game to target practice just now.

2) I don't particularly like making phone calls. To friends and family, it's fine, but to make hair or doctor appointments, etc, I just don't get around to it.

3) I am one of six kids, all but me and my brother were adopted at varying ages. If you count all the foster kids who went through and only stayed for a while and all the kids my mom babysat while their parents worked, I don't even know how many kids there were.

4) I like making quilts, but they aren't very exciting ones and it takes me months to finish one. A lot of the time, I'd rather zoom up a quick sweatshirt that takes an hour total, since that's about all the time I have to work. Impatient? Me?

5) I read a lot - like a book every couple of days. I don't keep track of them, though, so don't really know how many I've read. A lot of them are romance novels (the 400 page ones, not the 200 page Harlequins because there's just not enough time for character development or to make me believe in their happily ever after in 200 pages, IMO)

6) Considering my affection for drinking coffee while using the computer, it is remarkable that I have only fried one keyboard due to spills - and it was tea that I spilled.

7) I miss thunderstorms and snow. There are occasional storms here, but they are very rare. I don't miss snow enough to move somewhere that it snows. My children may never learn those two magic words: snow day.

8) I have now breastfed all of my kids far longer than the national average. I'll probably keep nursing the baby until she's far older than I want to admit it to other people. Which is how long the boys were BF-ed ;)

And now I'm supposed to tag other people.... Liza Lee, Kirsty, Jennifer Mc, Mom (though she doesn't have a blog...), ah... My audience isn't that big ;)

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