Saturday, January 24, 2009

Call the bomb squat!

DS2's best buddy (BB) is over for a sleepover. He came at 4:30 or so and had dinner with us. The funny part is that BB's parents are always saying how DS2 is such a picky eater and tonight it was BB's turn - he doesn't like shrimp, he only likes pasta if it has butter on it, he doesn't want fruit salad except for the apples and grapes, he doesn't like the kind of cheese I put out for those who didn't want shrimp (though DS2 surprised me and ate the shrimp! Yay!). BB announced he likes the pancakes I make. I called BB's parents and mocked them.

After dinner, they went to the baby's tonka car thing and were making it make the funky beat and then they turned on the turn signal and cleared the room because it was a bomb ticking. I said, "Call the bomb squad!" and DS2, being unfamiliar with the word squad, started saying, "Call the bomb squat!"

Anyway, the baby only took one nap today but she's holding up pretty well with the excitement of having her brothers and another kid here. She'll be going to bed early, but I don't know how quiet they're going to be for her. Not very is the likely answer.

BB just came in and asked when they go to bed and assured me that he's usually in bed by now. It's seven and his parents have said that he usually goes to bed at nine. I told him he as free to go to sleep any time he wanted. Now that I think about it, if he's really tired and he wasn't hungry.... I hope he's not getting sick or something.

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