Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby talk

As of now, she says: da-ee for daddy, ma-ee for mommy, Av for DS1, tssss for ds2, today she said awthhhee when she saw a dog in the grocery store (with a vest, so a companion dog of some sort)

she signs: done, bird, dog, and she's trying to figure out to sign nursies

I knew she could go up one step, but today I let her crawl around in the back yard and she went all the way up the concrete stairs, which is 14 or so steps. Our back yard is pretty small and would be a steep slope if it weren't for three retaining walls that make it like a big stair case instead. I was trying to show her how to back down, but she was tired and got frustrated really quickly. Obviously, she won't be allowed in the back yard without an adult tailing her!

Oh, and because she still scoots on her stomach, so was completely filthy by the time we came in, though I guess only slightly more filthy than if she crawled on her hands and knees. She was eating dirt from the big flower pots when I had my back turned, but decided she didn't like it after all.

She has been letting go and balancing more and more on her feet after pulling up. No attempts at steps yet, but it's coming soon.

No idea of how much she weighs, but I'd say it's still around 20 lbs. We're going to see the doctor for a well baby checkup next week. It's only her 2nd doctor visit ever, as she's been healthy as a horse except for the stupid persistent eye infection which I get cleared up quickly and which kept coming back as soon as I stopped treating it. It's been clear for 10 days or so now, so it's OK.

I can't believe she's closing in on a year old!

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Anonymous said...

What a smart girl! That's so wonderful!