Sunday, January 25, 2009

Huh. You know what?

I didn't report here on our doctor visit. thought I did, but i guess i didn't. wait. I just found it in my draft folder. See? I'm just absent-minded, not completely insane!


We're just home from a well-baby checkup.

She's 19 lbs 6 oz (40th %) when buck naked (give or take because she kept trying to play with the scale)
Her head is 17 5/8ths inches (50%)
And she's 30 3/4 inches tall when lying down (100 %) (give or take due to excessive wriggling)

She got prevnar and one other shot (the, um, ah. well, one she's had before. DTaP? HiB? I need to write these things down, don't I?). These were only her 2nd set of shots, so we're plenty behind schedule. I'm not overly worried, we're just going to make them up bit by bit.

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