Saturday, January 3, 2009

wild wild saturday

well, bestest buddy was running a slight fever and his mom found out that the kids he was playing with yesterday had started projectile vomiting, so my kids didn't go to madagascar 2 with him.

ds2 and i went to toys r us to spend his vast xmas wealth. we came home with a massive mars mission lego set, but not the totally huge one he really wanted, because he couldn't bring himself to give up the remote control car that is supposed to run on land and water. he did quite well with compromising and putting back the remote control plane he also wanted, but didn't have enough money for.

i still need to take ds1 shopping with his xmas money and toys r us gift card. he's been contrary and gloomy about doing anything the same as ds2 lately, so might just put it in savings, which would be a good thing.

what's really odd was that i took along dd's tru gift card, too, but didn't come across anything there for her that i wanted to drop 15 bucks on.

the baby fell asleep in the car seat on the way back and woke up not too long after getting home. then i nursed her while checking my email and now she's asleep on my lap. man, she's long and heavy now. i can't feel my hand and my arm just plain hurts. she hasn't done this in a while. and it is why i'm typing without capital letters.

and i looked up my former boss on facebook and have noe friended him and snooped through his friends list, looking for my old coworkers, one of whom had sent a friend request before i had even gotten back online. and there were a couple of the guys i used to do the crossword with on our breaks, too and i've wondered what they've been doing.

my arms's going to fall off.

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