Thursday, October 9, 2008

More evidence that I'm a bad mom

Isabelle's rolling around on the floor in teh office while DH and I sit back to back at our computers (no, we don't IM each other while we're doing it!)

I was having crackers and cheese for lunch. I was craving salt, what can I say? But about halfway through, it was too much salt, but I ate them anyway.

Where was I?

Oh, Is was watching me eat, so I gave her a Wheat Thin. She immediately used it to bang on the base of the chair. This child ate a 2-inch-long piece of carpet fiber at the chiropractor's yesterday, but she wouldn't put a cracker in her mouth. Anyway, pretty soon, she had it in manageable pieces, a few of which she put into her mouth, turned to mush and coughed out. Then she rolled in it.

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