Wednesday, October 1, 2008

coals to Newcastle and general screams of frustration

DS1 is going on a field trip to Apple Hill today. We're out of bananas so I packed him an apple in his lunch. Would seem easier and less like coals to Newcastle if I could just give him some money and he could buy his own apple, doncha think? I guess I should have given him strawberries or grapes or something, but they're not supposed to take lunch boxes (so the teachers won't have to worry about bringing them home), so I figured anything less solid would be a pile of mush by lunchtime.

And did you hear that scream? At about 8:10? I was feeding Isabelle and checking my email and I called out to the boys, asking if they were ready. DS1 said he wasn't dressed yet and I said, "Hurry!"

So 3 minutes later I walk out and see DS2..... sitting there in just his underwear. So I told him to hurry and get dressed and he ran off and locked himself in his room. DH went after him a couple of minutes later and brought him out, still just in his underwear. He got dressed in the car and had to wear the shoes that are a little too small because we couldn't find the right ones, which he swore up and down were in the closet but they weren't.


Oh, and then we were almost to school, going up the residential street at the speed limit (25 mph). I slowed to go over the speed bump, maybe down to about 20, then sped back up to 25. Then this fine fellow in a shiny Lexus SUV zoomed up right behind me and was atetmpting to push me along, then he swerved out and passed me. On a nice, quiet residential street, on the run up to a school. I figured the SUV was stolen, but no, there he was, dropping his kids off about 2 cars in front of me at the same school. Yeah, I worry about getting there late, too, but I try to obey laws and common sense, both of which tell me that it's better to have to get a tardy slip for my kids every now and then (which we didn't have to do today - we were cutting it fine, but still were there on time) rather than endanger the lives of children. Crazy ol' me.

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