Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bananas and Pictures

I had an email this morning (sent yesterday, now that I look at it). Another friend with a J name who had a baby. His wife did, rather - their second baby. This would be a fellow trumpeter from college, a fellow madrigal trumpeter, even. Funny guy, a bit wild (OK, way more than a bit), and now it turns out he's a math professor, which made me double up with hysterical laughter when I learned it, because as for someone who could not remind me less of my math professor dad, he would be it. Well, same hair color and both are tall, but otherwise, zip. Anyway, I am happy for him and his wife, who had nice big (just over 9 pound) boy whom they have named Colby.

First off, my big guy,
who seems to avoid the camera a lot of the time, so pictures with the baby are mostly what we've gotten lately:

This is the same monkey boy who ate 7 bananas yesterday for morning snack (after 2 bowls of cheerios for breakfast), then sat at lunch and ate 2 pieces of leftover pizza and a handful of carrots and then said he had a bit of a stomachache. He was fine about 10 minutes later. SEVEN bananas. Talk about your growth spurts. Anyone know if that's going to constipate him?

Ah, and then the pink, flowery, girly baby.

And the tomboy baby look. That's a shirt I made and now I realize she doesn't have any pants that really go with it, so she has blue sweatpants on. Verra verra patriotic.

She's getting a bit more weight on her. She won't be weighed again for about another week, but I'm sure she's over 8 lbs now. Speaking of whom, I hear squawks.

And my other big guy

I have a few more baby pictures, but they're variations on a theme, after all, taken at the same time as these.

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Your beautiful babies! Lucky you!