Friday, March 14, 2008

Just sitting around

DD keeps falling asleep on my lap, but if I try to get her to fall sleep on my bed, she wakes up as soon as I try to get up. So I've been sitting in front of the computer, reading an e-book I bought on a whim a month or so ago and hadn't read yet because I'd much rather sit or lie down with a book in a comfortable place, not a desk chair. (Pretty good book. Not great, but OK.) I should have strapped her into a carrier and gone for a walk, but that takes energy and I am still very low on that - though regular walks would certainly help me get it back, I know.

All the boys went to San Francisco today. DS1's class had a field trip to the Exploratorium (science museum in SF, if you don't feel like following the link) and though it was still unclear if it would be an excused absence, DH took DS2 also - it was a half day for teacher conferences and spring break starts, so I don't imagine they did a whole lot of academic work in a kindergarten class today. I might be mistaken, since his class never seems to have the parties and fun stuff that other classes have. I was sort of expecting my family home by about now and figure they should be here in the next hour or so- if you don't get out of SF before about 3 PM, you get trapped in nasty traffic. I had sort of an uneasy feeling about this trip and almost called DH's cell phone at about lunch time, but decided not to. Maybe I should have. Because now I don't want to call while DH is driving.

But do I start dinner now or wait until I 1) see the whites of their eyes; and 2) find out if they ate on the way home?

I had hoped to make it to the library before it closed tonight. It might be open until 8; it seems that there are one or two days a week that it is, but more likely it closes at 6. I can go tomorrow, I know, but I have a truly scary number of books that are sitting on the hold shelf for me with about 10 more in transit, I've maxed out on requests (50), and I'm stuck with re-reading on this end. And yet here I am looking at the online catalog, trying to remember if I've read certain titles and if it would be worth it to cancel other requests that I haven't arrived yet to request these things. It's a sickness, I tell you.

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