Thursday, March 6, 2008

PICTURES - Baaaaad Mommy, lots of trains

Um, yes I know about SIDS. And I'm not sure how I managed to get the blanket on her head. She wasn't overheating and it didn't cover her face, so I don't feel too awful, really. And my lack of regrets shows truly how bad a mommy I am!

My oh my, yes, they do have a lot of trains. Usually, most of the game is about DS1 building the tracks. This one was about having one loooong train and trying to keep it from coming apart. I had to kick them out of the hallway while DD was sleeping because they were quarreling rather loudly. Besides, the trains don't hold together at all well when you run them on carpeting. And this was about 15 minutes after I had kicked them out of the hallway because they were running up and down shrieking. Our house is fairly big and it was a beautiful day, but that hallway was magnetic.

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Anonymous said...

I refuse to believe that you are a bad mommy -- but I'm glad that it's all okay. Sweet pics of the boys with the trains. Gage stopped playing with his trains a couple of years ago. It made me very sad. :(