Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Flu, day 6

Well, day 6 if I count last Friday when neither of them was really sick, they just felt sort of icky and then ran around the house after school instead of going to karate.

I dragged DS1 back to school yesterday and today. He's still a bit pale and said he had a headache this morning. DS2 still had a fever last night and then threw up (on my bed - thank you dahling) at about 8 PM. It was his first puke, only a bit of juice, and it was easier to clean up than DS1's middle-of-the-carpet cranberry juice one over the weekend. (Too Much Information?). Anyway, no fever this morning and he's eating a piece of toast, so fingers crossed he'll get a couple of days in at school this week.

One of my midwives will be here in a little bit. I'm not sure, but it seems like after this I'll be seeing them every week instead of every other week. Woah.

Little baby clothes are washed and in a drawer. Little baby diapers are washed and in a drawer. I dug out my old Hug-a-Bub baby carrier, which I hadn't had the nerve to part with. I'll have to dig a bit deeper in the place I found it to see if I still have the instruction video. They have better instructions on their website than they did 5 1/2 years ago, so I don't desperately need the video, I guess. So now I have the h-a-b, I made a Mei Tai/Asian Baby Carrier, plus someone gave me an old sling.

I have offers of bits and pieces from various people and I think that will cover everything. Then we wait.

UPDATE: I hadn't posted this yet when the knock came on the door. Baby's fine, I'm fine. Baby's head is down, but she's still lying facing forwards, which is a no no. So time for more pelvic rocks and all that optimal fetal positioning, trying to convince her to turn around.

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Anonymous said...

If your flu is the same one making the rounds here, it's a nasty one. I hope the boys are better soon!

Tell that girlie to turn herself around . . . you don't need her making things difficult!

You sound so ready! Yay!