Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ew yuck!

Yesterday, DH had the car in the afternoon and his job was to pick up the kids from school and take them to karate. So just after 2, I get a call from the school office saying that DS2's eyes were red and he kept rubbing them. They were a little red yesterday morning and had a tiny bit of goop the night before, so I wasn't surprised. Just a bit peeved that he had been itching and red ALL afternoon, maybe even all day, but it was the after care program (he's in it for an hour from when his K class ends until DS1's class gets out) that sent him in and called me, not his regular teachers. A new line for my too-big-class rant!

Anyway, I then had to call Dh, who got there as soon as he could and then had to wait around for DS1 to get out of school. Then he took them both to karate where DS2 joined in anyway - probably got infection on the punching bags.

Then last night, he was still itchy. This morning, he was even redder and his eyes were really nasty, so he stayed home. We saw the doctor, who wrote a prescription. Waiting for the pharmacy to finish making it up now. I'll go get it when I pick DS1 up.

So. Yeah. Pink eye. His annual case of it. It's only been 11 months since the last time, according to the records at the dr's.

Everyone blink and try to not rub at your eyes now....

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mom said...

Finally read some of your blogs for the last few weeks. Hard to get a turn in Dad-the -Sedentary's office! Life sounds like, well, life. Screaming monkeys and pink eye and all. Snot noses here. Dad got a new key board, works wonderfully after I convinced him to plug it in a USB port like it said. Now I can use it to send comments. I love you all. Why is CA so far away?
mom/granny/alice/old woman in Birkenstocks (Crocs, actually)