Saturday, January 19, 2008

Too stinkin' early

to be up on a Saturday! Yeah, I know. Kids get up when they get up.

But the first one up this morning? About 7:30? Is the lovely child that I have to use a crane on to get out of bed *after* 7:30 on a school day. Then he was pouting because I didn't want him to wake his brother up. Then he needed me to put in a DVD for him (pick a tape, honey. You can do those yourself.). Then the brother got up anyway and pretty soon there was yelling and the brother talking in his wound-up, high-pitched screech and then there was crying. DH got up to see if he could get them to calm down. Then a few minutes later, the screechy sound again so I got up and told them to settle down or go back to their rooms and start the day over. Then I got roped into getting out cereal bowls, even though they have no problems with climbing on the counter to get candy out, just to get cereal bowls.

So what the heck. I'm up now.

Nasty sore throat, still blowing nose and coughing, head feeling woozy and stuffy.

Need to get some stuff done today. I want to get a dresser because once this baby's born, I don't think cardboard boxes on the floor of my room is going to be a very good organizational system for her diapers and clothing. Oh, and still need a crib for naps, nursing bras, maybe a baby-in-a-bucket carseat. I have enough fabric to clothe a family of twenty and even some I want to make t-shirts from. Want a diaper bag and want to make a new baby carrier. Need to count diapers and covers and be sure of those.

I suddenly had a freak out moment at the beginning of the week. SIX WEEKS. Well, now just over FIVE. And if the baby is here in two weeks, that's still on time and not preemie. Ummmm....

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