Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lots of random stuff

Need to get to work on binding a quilt.

Hoping DS1's presentation on the Miwok Native Californians went well. It took some doing to get him to organize his thoughts and get them written out for his presentation. I ended up typing it into the computer for him.

Wondering what brown clothes we have around for DS2's star turn as a beaver next week.

Finished about 8 dozen chocolate cherry cookies for a cookie exchange. Oh they're good! About 20 left for the family, even after I ate the ones that were the worst disasters...

Wondering what sort of odd person would be sure to send Facebook Lil Green Patch plants to an old friend's wife whom I only knew slightly back in high school. I mean, am I worried that I am going to make her jealous by sending her DH, whom I haven't seen in.... 15 years or so, a cyber poinsettia and not sending her one?

Read The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread a couple of days ago. It was really good and I'd recommend it, especially to my NE Ohio friends, because it takes place in Cleveland. Am currently attempting to read a biography of Louis Pasteur. The plot's a bit thin, all telling instead of showing...

Went to karate last night. I don't usually go on Tuesday because the class starts at 8 and ends at 9, but I'm glad I did because I got to see some of my advanced belt friends that I started with back 18+ months ago. I'm still intermediate because of that little baby thing, so don't always get to see them. J's creating manga now, K's recovered from surgery, D's been out of town on business, so doesn't know four-count, though he pretty much mastered it just last night and it's taken me 4 weeks. We lowly beginners and intermediates had our curriculum down pat, so the instructor started us on Doce Pares #1 (with sticks) for when we do make it to advanced. I made Sempai A. teach me the 5-count bridge section that DS1 keeps doing the same as the 6-count, so now I can help him get it down by next week, though I'm still not positive about the foot work. And hey, I didn't even fall down last night. Almost did on the spin sidekick, but I just wobbled a bit.

ETA: Forgot to say that I got a call from the school yesterday. I won the parking space raffle! They earn extra money for the school by selling raffle tickets each month to use the best spot in the parking lot. So now I'll have a place to park throughout the various Winter Performances and all the way through January. Yeah parking. Such a Californian thing to get stoked about!

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