Monday, December 29, 2008


I put a CD in my laptop so I could listen to music and then it took 15 minutes for me to set up the computer to play the music, and I didn't even set up an "account". Why would I need to set up an account and download my own CD to my laptop, instead of just listening to the dang thing? But anyway, I should probably listen to something else, since I'm trying to work on my book set in late 19th century with U2 playing in the background. I should at least put in.... Not sure I have a lot of late 19th century music. A bit of early 19th, then late 20th.

But I have Rocky and Bullwinkle blaring in the next room, too.

And I'm trying to organize my story by writing major scenes out and the only index cards I have say "from the kitchen of". Well, I'll probably never use them as recipe cards....

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