Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas cookies!

My mom cuts the sugar cookies out, then puts egg white on them and decorates them with sprinkles and colored sugar and such before baking them. That's how we always did it when I was a kid. I only had red and green sugar in the cupboard, but I did have icing....

I was done in this picture, DS1 had declared he didn't want to do any, but then came late to the party, which is why he doesn't have very many cookies in front of him.

DS2's cookies

DD eating an old carrot (that's the reddish stuff on her face) and pulling up on everything while we decorated

DS1's um... ah.... Well, he was decorating it without the white frosting, using yellow, and then made a big, red blob which he said was where it got stabbed with a sword.

The rest of DS1's decorations

This was another day, with DD pulling up under the table and then complaining that her head was getting bumped.

Green lips

My cookies. Note the traditional Xmas moon that looks like a banana and the round one that says "Christmm__" because I ran out of room

Sometimes I feel sorry for DH, who never does the fun stuff. But he did finish a web page for someone yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! Hopefully, your DH will learn, as mine did, that the fun stuff is really important. He makes time for it now and that's an awesome change for all of us.