Sunday, December 21, 2008

Aw heck!

So.... who is it that has been telling my kids not to say "heck"? I thought it was a mostly innocuous replacement for a swear word.

I know that a few people get their knickers in a twist if you say "golly gee whiz" because they're replacement words for god and jesus (and people who would burn me at the stake for spelling out those words - and then not capitalizing them. To which I put on a brown robe and fake beard and dance around singing, 'Jehovah! Jehovah!')

But to say "heck" is a bad word? I'm not taking the lord's name in vain if I say "hell" do I? Rather the opposite. I'm blaspheming Satan? Shouldn't I be putting him/her/it down?

To tell the truth, I've been known to mutter "fart" too instead of the f-bomb. Am I blaspheming my digestive tract? (Or intercourse, if I do drop an f-bomb?)

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Anonymous said...

It's probably school. You know, we school teachers are pretty uptight about that stuff because you these kids . . . you give them an inch and they are dropping the f-bomb. :)

And, I totally loved your Life of Brian reference . . . fav Monty Python movie of all time!