Friday, February 22, 2008


Stayed up late reading because I was having crampy Braxton-Hicks contractions. Not enough to make me think there's anything *really* happening, just enough to be uncomfortable. Had to get up with the kids. DS2 must have thought it was Saturday because he GOT UP at 7:15 and wanted to play a computer game. School days, it usually takes a crow bar. But he's Person of the Day and is taking a book for sharing and a snack for everyone.

And now I have to get dressed so I can drive them in and then do copies and spelling tests in DS1's class. Not sure of their schedule today. They read and tested on 75 books in the Accelerated Reader program so are having an ice cream party at some point today. DS1 has read at least a dozen, but last I knew, he had only taken the test on three - two right when they started the program and one right before grades came out. Sigh.

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