Saturday, September 12, 2009


I heard it raining at one point during the night. This morning, it has been sprinkling off and on and really raining (not pouring, just steady) for short times. Others in the area have reported thunder, but I haven't heard any.

Very gray out there right now.

Nice and cool this morning, too, but they're still predicting mid-90's for later. yay for humidity.

The boys have been arguing for most of the morning. DS2 wants to go in DS1's room. DS1 wants to be alone. And then he invades DS2's room to show 'what it feels like' instead of being a good example of respecting other peoples' privacy.

I asked them to take apart the boat/fort of 2 couches and all the cushions, but then they put it all back together and wandered off. ARG.

And our next door neighbors are moving out today. *snif*

It's about time for DD's happy nap. Maybe for mine, too.

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Anonymous said...

We were promised rain today but it seems clear (pun intended) that it's going to give us a pass today. Sigh. We still might get some on Monday.

When Ruth was this age, I had to talk to Gage about respecting his sisters new need for privacy. He still doesn't get it but he is more accepting of it.