Tuesday, September 8, 2009

PMS a bit early

I know, I know - too much information.

But today as I was reading emails and looking at facebook and so on, I kept having these mean thoughts.

Like "is that your husband's usual hair style? What does he use, Crisco?"

And "You know what I'd change on that birth announcement? The baby's name. It's stupid."

And "You'd think that when you got older, you'd have matured a bit."

And "Do you even have a mind in there that you could open?"

All of which means I need to go work on book instead of drifting around on the internet.

Maybe my bitchy streak will make me more ruthless in cutting useless scenes.

P.S. Now that i think about it, it's not PMS early as I'm coming up on that time of the month. Does someone have an anti-sarcasm pill I can take? I'm feeling waspish.

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