Thursday, September 24, 2009

Or... not.

Well, it was good to know that almost everyone else showed up at the soccer class even though the coach had canceled due to heat so I wasn't the only bad parent who didn't check the hotline...

It was hot, but was it much hotter than last week, really? I looked at and it says it was only 90 last Thursday, so I guess it was, since it was 98 on my car thermometer when we arrived and 100 when we left. It's supposed to cool off next week - fingers crossed.

The good thing was that because it was a couple of the dads who organized the kids and because DS1 wasn't in karate, he got to play, too.

UPDATE: I know my car's thermometer is off - it reads hotter than what the official temps are, though some of that is heat radiating from roads and parking lots, I know. But yesterday's official high temp was 93. It was forecast to be 98 or so, so I do understand why the soccer coach called it off, but still, 3 whole degrees more?

It's supposed to be in the low 80's by next week.

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