Friday, September 18, 2009

Finders, keepers

Today, I organized my closet a bit and sorted through baby clothes and such.

I found:
  • 3 pairs jeans that now fit, since I've finally lost quite a bit of baby weight (1 with lots of holes that will need to be cut off for shorts and the butt repaired)
  • 1 pair linen capris that now fit again
  • the book that I lost 2 months ago - in a box with a lid that latches shut that DD can't get into and I was surprised that it was where I put it (YES!)
  • the Consumer Reports with the washing machines in it (YES!)
  • some books that I got for the kids ages ago really really cheaply and forgot about
  • loads of baby clothes that don't fit the Toddler anymore. the boyish and neutral stuff went to ds2's teacher's baby, the girlish stuff to go on freecycle because ds1's former teacher's baby is almost as big as the Toddler even though she's 6+ months younger
  • a baby carrier that I haven't used in months, to be put on freecycle or maybe attempt to sell with 2 others

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