Tuesday, September 8, 2009

hokey smokes!

I went to a meeting this evening at the school about a field trip. Not just any field trip, but a mondo-mego-planning field trip.

The 4th grade is going to Sutter's Fort. In costume. Learning to bake and sew and such authentically. Basically, the number of adults they need for all the stations is the same as the kids - 40-ish. And the adults have to dress in costume, too.

Oh, and the people in charge of fires have to buy or find someone to donate a half a cord of wood. And the kitchen crew will have to find or have donated all the food and then teach the kids to cook it.

And then they spend the night in their inauthentic sleeping bags on an authentic wood floor. They'll be there for about 24 hours.

1847 style, baybee.

I signed up to help with the quilting, which they might just do as an in-class activity.

It's a fabulous thing, but usually they do it in the spring. Apparently, though, our school was way way down the lottery and so they got a call last weekend saying they got December 3rd (8th? Something) and oh hey, the training is next weekend. So they're scrambling like crazy. And everyone's going to freeze their behinds off. And no, I can't stay from 9 am until 10 pm or even all night, I have a baby at home. Yeah, she'll live that long, but she's still breastfed and all day - 9 to 5 - is likely to be a big, big deal, so I'm not going to push that back any further than that, thanks.

And yeesh.

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