Friday, September 11, 2009

Duran and books and stuff

I really liked Written on Your Skin by Meredith Duran. It didn't grab me and thrill me as much as her first book, Duke of Shadows, but it was pretty good.

I have also finally read Suzanne Brockmann's latest book, Hot Pursuit and it was OK. I wasn't thrilled. It was fairly short and had pretty large print and was hardback, so I would have been disappointed if I had bought it. She's only doing one more in the Troubleshooters series - "for now" she says and I think it's good that she'll take a hiatus and either start something new or come back to these with a fresh outlook.

I really don't want to read them and think, "whatta piece of c***," the way I have with the past 5 or 6 or more of Janet Evanovich's Plum mysteries (which I only ever get from the library now, because I got burned by buying a really awful one brand new on a whim).

I have a book to read for Monday's book group and should do that one next. By the woman who wrote Chocolat and it's something about oranges. Five quarters of the orange? Something like that.

And i have the next book for my other book blub. The loop? That's next week.

And speaking of loups, My next free choice book is the latest Patricia Briggs werewolf novel. Ooooh.

And I need to start reading my books on Victorian America. I want to have some background in mind when I start writing on Nov 1st.

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