Monday, September 14, 2009

Blurry Monday

I'm totally lethargic and dragging today. TMI time: it's that time of the month. Lucky for you, it's PMS (accent on the Pre-) and I'm not half as cranky today as I was yesterday. I might even not be a total insomniac tonight. The symptoms just keep coming! Yay!

So anyway, I don't usually get coffee before I take the boys to school. I made it a bit after I got home and the filter basket fell when I took the carafe out and sloppy hot grounds went all over. Splat.

I went to the Sears Outlet store to look at washers and the prices there weren't so fabulous as all that. They didn't have much selection and it just made me wonder if the ones they had there were the cr*ppy ones. I can't find the latest Consumer Reports with washers. I probably recycled it, not knowing I'd need it. I have the annual report around here somewhere. I also called the repair/rehab/resell place and they have a couple that they're working on, so I need to get back in touch with them later this week.

And I signed DS2 (the 7 yo) up for a soccer program. It's not a team, just a class-like thing for eight Thursdays. I need to get him some cleats and shin guards now. DS1's due for new shoes, so we might as well make a day of it. Whee! The mall!

Right. It's time to get the boysies.

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Neefer said...

Can't you log onto the Consumers' Reports website if you have the subscription?

PS Our fridge just broke.