Friday, August 21, 2009

weekend rambling

Well, 2 minutes until bedtime here.

1st week of school is over and the weather looks like it's going to be slightly cooler over the next week. It'll be in the low 90's which is too hot to exert oneself and yet not hot enough that I want to puke as soon as I step outside.

I have 80 gradations of hot weather.

It's sort of like the 80 words for snow allegedly in some Eskimo dialect.

And my kids are earning their keep: DS1 (9 yo) mowed the front yard and DS2 tried to tidy up the raggedy pieces still sticking up when he was done.

DS1 has to go to karate tomorrow morning. I should exercise, too, because I only made it once this week so far.

OK. The toddler is squawking. She needs to go to bed.

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