Wednesday, August 5, 2009

kids' classes

I mentioned it a few times on facebook, but not on here. The boys each have at least one friend in their class next year. DS2 has the teachers that DS1 had for the last 2 years (Or rather, the one he had for almost 2 years and the one that came in as a sub when that teacher went and had a baby - they're each going to be part time, if I understand correctly)

I found this out on Monday morning and by lunch, we had most of the school supplies we need. Still a few things that I'm going to need a craft store or maybe an office supply store for - maybe both stores, sigh - and we're all set.

We got DS2 some new shoes, too. His feet are huge. DS1's are too, and he's about to need new shoes, but he swore he didn't need them yet, so we couldn't get the 2nd pair at half price at Famous Footwear.

So the last few supplies, a haircut or two, and I want to make them a shirt or two each and we're ready for August 17th. (yeah, WAAAAAYYYYYY early, I know)

Bring it on!

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