Friday, August 28, 2009

Weather again. For heaven's sake Phyllis, can't you shut up about the weather?

Well, no I can't.

It's about 100 out there right now and it's cloudy and breezy, but it's not a breeze that cools you off, it's a convection oven sort of breeze. It'll be 100 again tomorrow, apparently, but only 90 on Sunday. They're predicting rain for a week from Sunday, but a prediction for 10 days out, as usual, doesn't inspire confidence.

I am ready for summer to be over.

In better news, I have some tomatoes getting ripe. I haven't found more hornworms for a while, but there are some missing leaves that I don't know if they are newly missing or from the old hornworms that I picked off.

Oh, and did you know that tomatoes can be up to 122 degrees inside when they're in full sun? I'd be willing to bet ours get even hotter than that when it's 110 out. I bet they can't perspire fast enough to cool them off. Transpire? Do that release of water thing that plants do that we don't call sweating, but is? (and "Things you wouldn't know if we didn't blog incessantly" is my new best friend.)

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Neefer said...

I like to liken the current weather to a dessicating furnace blast, except it's kinda humid. Maybe not today, there isn't a cloud in sight.