Sunday, August 2, 2009

backlist reading fest

I've been reading the Smart Bitches and Candy posted a list of her favorite romance novels. Quite a few are ones I have really liked, so I'm trying to track down some of the other ones. I'm not as huge a fan of Laura Kinsale as she is, but I have liked the books of hers that I have read. (and I have to say that though I love SB Sarah with an almost unhealthy sort of girl love, I am really really happy to see Candy posting more, presumably on summer vacation from law school. Law school. Oh, so that's why they're SMART bitches?).

So anyway, I am trying to track down Kinsale's backlist.

And Loretta Chase's backlist.

The library has some of each, but not all. Most are fairly old in book publishing terms (like, 20 years - even though some have been reprinted since), so I might have to resort to amazon marketplace, even though my bright and shiny Borders gift cards are begging to be spent.

In somewhat related news, I've downloaded Mansfield Park (Jane Austen) from the Gutenberg Project. And it was a pain to get it into the ereader. The format was fine, but I put it in the appropriate file and the Sony software didn't recognize it. The Adobe software didn't recognize it either, but at least it would let me search around for it and add it, even though it was already in the same place as all the other books. (yeesh)

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