Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Done with quilt!

Phew! I just finished sewing the binding on my Christmas quilt.

We're decorating the tree tonight - the kids and I got it yesterday and with the school International Night and a visit to the street near us that goes absolutely wild with Xmas decorations, it was nearly bedtime when we got home. DS2 had a meltdown about not doing it and then fell asleep really early, all worn out. He then proceeded to have a hard time staying asleep and came back into our room twice and fidgeted. I stayed up too late reading a book anyway, and then had him fussing, so didn't get enough sleep.

I haven't done anything at all about cleaning up my sewing area yet. Bad Mommy!

I want to make new Christmas stockings for the boys this year. I need to see what I have in seasonal-colored fabrics and see what they want out of that. Otherwise, I might go for felt....

Right. Going to run a couple of errands before going to get the guys from school...

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