Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday grumps

We had a break in the weather yesterday: it was 92 instead of 102! Predicted 99 again today, though and more than that for the next week. I am so done with summer.

Speaking of 100-and-something, DD has a fever. I don't actually take kids' temps, but she was boiling hot off and on yesterday evening, for most of the night, and again this morning. She has some Ibuprofen in her and has cooled off and cheered up considerably.

I'm low on sleep, though.

DS2 is allegedly going to a friend's house and the mom is allegedly coming to get him, but that was an hour ago and she's still not here. The boys have now injured each other because they were so wound up and it is quiet again for the time being. whoops, knock at the door. yay!

Oh ICK! I was looking for DS2's swimsuit and looked under his bed, from which he had assured me that he had removed everything, and found old pull-ups that reeked. He almost didn't get to go to his friend's house there. But now they're out and thrown away and maybe his room won't smell like pee anymore. Maybe.

And my friend/DS2's friend's mom said she hadn't heard me yell before. Huh. I must hide it well.

So anyway, it's about time for DD to take a nap. And maybe I can drag my fatigued hiney out to exercise. Then I'll be really tired.

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