Friday, July 17, 2009


We've had a mostly nice summer up until the last week or so. For DS2's birthday party, we had some light rain before and during which cooled off the air, though it made it a bit humid. The kids were in and out of the wading pool and the grown-ups (other than me, who was running around) had time to talk.

The last few days have been over 100 and the next few days bode to be the same.

I just got the electric bill for last month, which wasn't even as hot, except a couple of times (and, oh yeah, that one day when it was 108 and the hot days right around it). Yeah, it's steep. The next one will be worse. Sigh. It would be nice if they had built the houses around here with enough insulation to keep out some of the heat, wouldn't it? And double-pane windows? I know they existed and that they were recommended, even in the late 70's, when this house was built. But hey, cheap materials mean big profits, right?

The boys are watching season 2 of Rocky and Bullwinkle. We watched the first 2 Star Wars movies at the beginning of the week, but haven't watched the 3rd one yet. The old ones, from the late 70's, speaking of the late 70's :)

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