Monday, July 20, 2009

one-twelve on the freeway

no, not driving that fast. I really doubt my Maserati, um, ancient Corolla, can go that fast.

that was the temp on my car's thermometer yesterday at a bit after 5 as we came home from the mountains. (moun-TAYNS as DH says).

it was about 90 up there, though the forecast had said 85. it's usually 80-ish, but 90 was better than 112. the water was cold in the little lake we went to.

there were some other kids there, picnicking like us, plus fishing and boating and whatever. I was a bit worried about the war and the sticks and the thrown pine cones, but everyone made it out without major injury.

officially, it was 107 here. oh is that all??

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