Saturday, July 18, 2009

series books (suite et fin)

Just a week ago, I was saying that I couldn't finish four different series of books, but now it looks like I've got all the bits and pieces coming.

I used the gift certificate that came with my trial of the Sony ereader to buy book 5 of Body Movers and read that and #6 just arrived at the library. As I mentioned, I found out that the library did have the 2nd in a trilogy of cheesy books and got that and it's on my shelf. The next in Sabrina Jeffries' series has just arrived at the library for me. And the second Mary Balogh book somehow leap-frogged the third and came in this week I finished it yesterday.

Oh, and I thought the Balogh series was a trilogy because the three titles are linked, but there's a fourth one with the brother and an unrelated title, so I just requested that one, too. (Though I'm wondering if the cousin gets resolved in that one or if he's going to get his own book) Oh, and they have multiple copies already circulating, unlike the one before it, for which they have 3 copies county (and more) wide and another 7 ordered and not processed. I know they're surely processing books as fast as they can, but don't they have them in some sort of order?

So I guess I can read series books. :)

P.S. Oh, and somewhere, presumably in my house, is the 7th Robyn Carr book. I have it checked out and I can't find it. I might be buying the library a new copy. SIGH.

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