Sunday, July 12, 2009

series books that make me crazy

I am not sure why, but the library (covers the whole county and then some) has plentiful copies of books 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 in the Stephanie Bond Body Movers series and book 5 is still in the computer as "On order."

I finished book 4 last night and unlike the first three, it completely leaves you hanging. Well, they all do to a certain extent, because they're a series and not all issues are resolved, but in #4, they solve a minor mystery, but - not to give too many spoilers - they don't solve the big one where people are dying.

I greatly prefer series that have some sort of closure at the end of each book, where each book could possibly stand on its own. Especially in a mystery. Eeesh

So anyway, I have #6 on its way from the library, but who knows when I'll be getting #5. Maybe I'll use my Harlequin gift certificate to buy it for the e-book reader that should be here soon... hmmm.... Still, seems a waste of money.

PLUS, I am reading the Sabrina Jeffries School for Heiresses series. I have read 2 or 3 of them before, but out of order, so now am going to read them all in order, since there's a new one out, apparently the last in the series. So I read the first one and am stuck because I didn't realize which was the 2nd one and have just now requested it from the library, so I have 2 books on my shelf which i have to forcibly restrain myself from reading - and probably have to renew at the library - until i get it.

Oh, and a cheesy series that i read the first of and the third is in transit, but the 2nd one is stuck on hold - only one copy in the system and suddenly it's marked "claims returned" so it's disappeared. I'm not sure this particular series is worth holding my breath, so I'll probably read the 3rd book and turn it in and call it done. Oh, wait. It seemed odd that they only had one copy, so I searched for it by keywords of author and title and they have it in there twice. Phew! My OCD self will just have to pass on the 3rd book for a bit. So there it is on my bookshelf...

Oh wait, one more: I have read the first in the latest Mary Balogh series and the third is on its way to me, but the 2nd is hung up somewhere with more people ahead of me in line.

Maybe I should stick to single title books.


Neefer said...

Is it 5 bodies to die for

Phyllis said...

yes, I know the title, but it is just sitting there in some unmoving inbox, 5 or 6 copies ordered and no one has processed them, and yet the library system has the 6th book available already.