Wednesday, June 10, 2009

outside play day

Today is the last day of school - a half day, actually - and the K/1 classes were going to have a water play day, but it's a lot cooler than usual and they figured everyone would freeze, so they just have a bunch of fun stuff - an obstacle course, beach balls, jump ropes, etc and it's free play time.

So they had a parachute, just a smallish one for 6-12 kids or so. no one had taken it out and DS2 was wandering around, unable to choose something to do because he had done everything already.

So we pulled it out and he said, "What is this?"
I said, "A parachute."
DS2 said, "Oh. But what do we parachute from?"

And now I brought the baby home. She was pretty happy riding in the backpack all morning and I let her down to play a few times and she was happy doing that, too. She discovered the kid-height computers in DS2's classroom and was trying to play on those and not interested in having some milkies, though she was getting cranky and definitely was hungry. Eventually I left and brought her home for a happy nap. I was planning on leaving her here when I go get the boys, but DH packed up his stuff and took off on his bike to meet a customer. I have to leave in ten minutes and that's going to be a seriously short nap.

But hey, I can also take back the cutting-out thing from DS1's class that I never finished. I feel really guilty about that, actually...

OK, ten minutes of drinking coffee and writing.

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