Saturday, October 10, 2009

Poor Girl Eats Well

I've just been introduced to this in the last week or so. Some of her recipes look really good, but I have my usual problem with them as I do with most recipes.

Take the French Lentil Salad she posted today: It sounds really great in theory. Only I really dislike half of the ingredients. I can substitute red lentils for green ones easily enough and get something smoother and less gritty (green lentils - pwah!), but once I remove the onions and the cilantro from the salad and the shallots from the dressing, well, I might just as well make up my own recipe. And I haven't seen Israeli couscous, so would probably end up with regular couscous.

And of course, my second problem with new things: my boys probably wouldn't eat it anyway.

And DH doesn't like lemon or feta, so there are two more of the ingredients...

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