Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthday! Take a ch-ch-ch-chance.

Well, I have a head cold along with the allergies I've been dealing with for a few weeks. I thought it was just extra pollen, but starting yesterday, i realized that it was more. I woke up with a blazing headache, so got up earlier than I would have liked. DH wasn't exactly leaping out of bed when the kids started making noise anyway. Maybe I'll sleep in tomorrow...

DH cleaned the car. I hate doing it, hate vacuuming in any form, and just can't get my head around paying a detailing place to do it, so now it's all happy clean as a birthday present. Thank you, Alexis :))

I baked a double batch of (box mix) brownies, some for the neighborhood dinner we're going to, and some for home. I made frosting from scratch, though. Well, I still have to mix it up, but I boiled it to the soft ball stage (har har) and am letting it cool a bit. I'm thinking of sticking strawberries on the one I'm taking out.

Oh, and I did vacuum the hallway because it was beyond dirty. I swept the dining room and kitchen, too, but not the living room, because when I was sweeping, there was stuff ALL OVER the floor.

I did not get to the library, though. I'll have an overdue book on my conscience and a fine that will be, oh 50 cents or so. Horrors!

And now I am contemplating what to wear out tonight. Ommmmm.... What I have on works. There, easy.

So, for my next year (year number, um... lots), I will: send queries to more agents and get signed on. Finish another book in the spring/summer and then another at NaNo time. Do massive editing on the books I have already finished so that they are pretty and shiny and salable.

I'm going to go check my frosting now....

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